How often do you ask for feedback?

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Not listening to your customers can have disastrous consequences, as shown by the demise of Woolworths. Take a long hard think … are you as guilty as Woolworths in not listening to your customers?

Listening to your customers is so powerful, but many companies shy away from it, for fear of what their customers might be saying about them. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you do know they will be saying things about you anyway, whether you like it or not? Wouldn’t you rather know what your customers were saying?

Negative customer feedback is great

Have you ever been on a website and it’s run really slowly, or the checkout was so complicated, and you abandoned the site altogether? Can you imagine if this happened on your site and you didn’t know until someone complained about it to you? Okay, so it’s negative feedback, but it has also highlighted an area for improvement within your business.

But, of course, it isn’t all about negative feedback. Here’s an example of other ways customer feedback can help you as a business.

After launching a new product, purchasers were surveyed for feedback to gain insights into usage and of course for comments that could be used in marketing the product to prospective purchasers.

We asked what teachers thought of the product (customer 1), what the pupils thought of the product (customer 2) and what the parents of the child receiving the product thought (customer 3).

The feedback was invaluable. The most surprising comments came from the many working parents who didn’t get to see the teacher each day and said it was a great way of receiving communication about how their child was doing.

On top of that the teachers gave further ideas for future mini certificates … and so this product range grew and went on to account for over 10% of sales.

In summary … feedback and listening to your customers is vital in not only growing your business, but saving your business from becoming ‘extinct’. Negative feedback is good (don’t shy away from it) and finally DON’T ask questions if you’re not going to act on the feedback.

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