Purchase FIRST STEPS to receive 4 individual sessions which will take you through the foundation stages of your marketing planning.

SESSION 1 Your Business Goals

A large proportion of the businesses I have worked with over the years have no real plan of what they would like to achievein the next 12 months, let alone the next 5 years. This session takes you through the goal you would like to achieve and breaks it down into monthly goals and how to determine the number of enquiries needed to achieve the sales.

SESSION 2 Marketing Strategy

Once you know what your turnover goals are, it is tome to work on your marketing strategy. How are you going to achieve your goal. Are you going to market to more of the same kinds of customers? Are you going to look at marketing to different types of customers? All need to be considered.

SESSION 3 Ideal Client

It is easy to think that everyone is a customer for your product/service. Break down your business offering and  who is the ideal customer for your business (you can have several different ideal customers) then marketing to them becomes a lot more effective and profitable.

SESSION 4 Marketing Activity Plan

Now you know what your goals are, your strategy and your ideal client, it is time to put together your marketing activity plan. In this session you will look at an example of a marketing message and how you can plan what you will do with this. You then will replicate this until you have filled your marketing activity plan.

You can work on each session independent of the others, at your own pace.