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Customer Journey Mapping

What happens at each and every step that a customer currently interacts with your business?

Your website visitors may have found you through searching the internet, land on your website and make a decision as to whether to contact you, place and order or leave without you even having had chance to interact with them.

With Customer Journey Mapping, we work together to analyse each stage of the customer journey, before, during and after the sale. You may have stumbling blocks, out of date information/unclear information or even processes that just don’t make sense to your customer. This session will help you develop a clearer understanding of what needs to happen at each stage of the Customer Journey.

Through this session you may implement new processes and improve on existing communication to ensure that the customer journey is easy for the customer.

Customer Experience Training

Everyone in your business impacts sales (and not always in a good way). Taking your team through the customer journey, discovering how to iron out niggles and retain customers and a happy team. You’ll improve customer satisfaction, retention and sales which in turn cuts your marketing budget and increases profitability.

I challenge behaviours with my ‘nothing is off limits’ approach in an engaging fun learning environment. There is nothing worse than spending money on training and leaving the learning in the room, you and your team will develop projects from the training.

A very big thank you for the excellent training session. Not only did we gain an invaluable insight into how our customers think, act and respond to what information we send out – we were also able to brain storm fresh, new and exciting ideas, to ensure we reach the next level of Customer Love.
We would highly recommend Anne to anybody looking to better themselves and their business.

Alexandra MeadowcroftChameleon Financial Planning

After mystery shopping my team, Anne spent the morning training the team in how to love customers even more. The team came out of the training buzzing and full of ideas, it really motivated them. We’ve now a clear plan in place of how we are going to implement Anne’s training. Highly recommend
We would highly recommend Anne to anybody looking to better themselves and their business.

Karen RusheStonehouse Homes

Customer View (Mystery Shopping)

If you’ve ever put on someone else’s glasses by mistake you’ll know how suddenly things can seem very blurred. Your view changes and sometimes you can’t even see even close up items.

It’s the same in business. You think you have an easy to use website, your phones/emails are answered the way you expect them to be, your premises reflect your business, your couriers deliver in the way you want them to and yet your customer may feel totally the opposite, having a different view.

Customer View takes a look at your business through your customer’s eyes and uncovers where you can be causing frustration and losing future sales. This totally impartial look at your online and offline presence will reveal where things are great and what might need tweaking.

Customer View looks at the whole customer journey from website visit, phone calls, email queries and responses through to visiting your premises.

You will receive a report on the customer experience from an impartial viewpoint, with recommendations (if needed) for improvements. This can then be followed up with Customer Experience Training involving your team.

Customer Voice

There are so many companies out there who ask customers for feedback with a ‘rate us 1 to 10’ without real thought behind their questions that businesses can often think ‘what’s the point in asking for feedback?’

Giving your customers the opportunity to ‘voice’ their opinion on dealing with you, your team is very powerful. By introducing or improving customer feedback collection you can uncover great marketing messages from the words your customers use in their responses.  If things weren’t quite right, or what your customer was expecting you could be losing future sales without knowing why.

Of course there is more to collecting feedback than sending out a standard survey. Let’s look at the questions you really want answering. How are you going to collect the information. Would a focus group work well for this?

Feedback can also be used for new services/product ideas and involving your customers helps develop deeper relationships.

Exhibition Training

When you are spending a fortune on a stand and taking your team from the office, you really need to see a return on your investment.

Customer Love works its magic, helping you to maximise your investment before the exhibition day, on the day and the all important follow up.

We will show you how to make your stand the one everyone is talking about, Creative thinking and social media domination are included in these sessions.

You can stand on the stand and get through the week OR you can talk to Anne about how to get the most out of your exhibition. Anne made us think differently about our last exhibition, came up with some great ideas for engaging with potential customers, creating a buzz and the all important follow up. We got new business as a result!
We would highly recommend Anne to anybody looking to better themselves and their business.

Gary DaviesTapeswitch

Georgia Graystock, Yorkshire Bank

Looking for a speaker for your next event?

My presentations are engaging, interactive and I impart knowledge freely. No death by powerpoint here… points are brought to life with real life stories.

Customer Experience topics can be adapted to be industry specific.

We had a training session (date) with Anne Williamson last week on the topic of Customer Service and it was simply fabulous. Delivered to our whole team, the topic and content related to every single team member and their contact and interaction with our existing and prospective customers. The session was only a couple of hours long but in that time we able to identify, plan and implement a number of changes to our customer service approach that will help us and also help our customers differentiate us from the competition. What really blew my mind were the stats about what companies think their own customer service is like and what (in general) their customers actually think... Even if you think you have your customer service nailed I'd really recommend that you have a chat with Anne and see if what you think is what your customers think; you may be surprised!

Joe MakepeaceAlpha Digital Networks

“Customers are for life, not just for that first order!”
We got Anne in to talk to us about Customer Service. Through group discussion and the sharing of real-life experiences Anne demonstrated the importance of showing your love for customers through the power of relationships. The training was professional, informative and gave us some real action points to work on to make our business work better…oh and Anne definitely makes it fun! We will continue with a program of development with Anne, who we highly recommend.
We would highly recommend Anne to anybody looking to better themselves and their business.

Gary DaviesTapeswitch

How can we help you?

I've worked with Anne for six fabulous months on my business. In that time Anne has helped me to focus on my business offer, think about my ideal clients and subsequently helped me to convert this thinking into effective communications and marketing. Anne certainly helped me 'step up' my game and take me to the next level. I would highly recommend Anne to work with you. She is super friendly and also an excellent challenge to your business.

Lindsey WestLWBO

Anne helped me to develop a marketing plan which will support the growth of my business. She is very approachable and easy to talk to and has encouraged me to consider different approaches. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to other individuals and companies. Thank you Anne.

Jane AyrtonHead of Learning and Development at KR Group

Anne is a friendly, approachable, knowledgeable person who is full of insights into bringing your brand in front of your most important clients. The best thing about Anne is her personality, easy to speak to and happy to help with lots of ideas and suggestions. Anne doesn't just follow a formula, she genuinely gets to know your business and provides bespoke ideas to help it grow.

Mark Selby Assoc CIPDRadiology Office Manager at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

I worked with Anne over for a few months whilst transitioning from customer services into the sales and marketing sphere in my current workplace. It was a very valuable experience which opened opportunities for me within the business and honestly, within myself. Anne helped me gain confidence in my ideas and gave me the tools about how to implement them within the business on a very personal level. She really took the time to understand who I am and how I operate. The best part about working with Anne was her easy going friendly approach. She is highly professional whilst also always being fun. She has a refreshing no-nonsense approach to business which is something I really admire. I am so grateful for everything. Anne is an amazing woman.

Rebecca RoganCustomer Service and Sales Representative at Hangerworld Ltd

We had a great time working with Anne - she provided sound advice and gave us some novel ideas for marketing which have already given us outstanding results. Her thorough and professional approach really helped us understand more about the impact of various marketing strategies, and she undoubtedly has an amazing capacity to help deliver results. We'll be making sure we tap into Anne's expertise as we move towards our exciting rebrand project.

Dave RigbyPeople Expert ♦ Consultant ♦ Recruiter