Are you a one night stand business? BOOK


Discover how the principles of dating can help grow your business. You’ll be taken through the stages of dating, explaining how they apply to business and backed up with real life stories for each stage.

Learn how to ‘date’ your business customers and develop long lasting relationships where your customers love you so much they will help you grow your business.

Reader Testimonials

I recently took the time to read this fantastic book. It certainly made me think of the customer journey that we provide and how we can strengthen going forward. Would highly recommend any business providing a service to get a copy. Very thought-provoking.     John Byrne, JT Byrne Funeral Directors

Great little read. Useful tips in a very easy to digest format. Plenty of tips and thought-provoking questions for any business to consider. Far too many businesses forget about the long term benefits of building strong relationships.     Will Stone, FRSA MCIPR

Anne comes across in this book as she does in person – funny, personable and smart. She cuts to the chase and packs so many easy to follow and actionable points into this impressive book.      Jodie Bawden, Bawden Photography