Customer Voice Workbook – preorder



This easy to follow Customer Voice workbook has been created from my years of working with businesses of all sizes from owner managed businesses to UK offices of global companies. As a marketing manager for a mail order company, sending out over 3,000 orders a week, collecting customer feedback was imperative in ensuring that service levels were maintained, quality of products were what was expected and that customers were 100% happy.

Customer feedback is valuable as it can help you understand where things may have gone wrong (and you didn’t even realise). This workbook looks at
• Various ways in which you can collect feedback
• How to decide what questions to ask
• What not to ask
• How to use the feedback you receive
• Finding out what products/services customers really want
• How to deal with customer complaints

You will potentially get some negative feedback, which isn’t always easy listening to, but as Bill Gates said ‘Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning’.

Whilst it is just over 20 pages in total if you put in the effort to work through each page and take action you will get more detailed feedback that is useful to growing your business and having happy customers.

This workbook is available as a preorder – reserve your copy today