Customer Service in the Motor Industry: The Good, Bad, & Ugly part 3

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So in the final instalment of my search for a new car I arrived at another dealership After your house your car is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. That’s why the whole experience has to be right. My final destination certainly came up with the goods.

I went into another gorgeous showroom and meandered around. I was allowed to spend a few minutes to have a leisurely stroll around, without any hassle from sales executives. After I had sat in a couple of the cars I was approached by one of the sales team.

I nearly fell over when he uttered these words “Good Afternoon, I’m Ian, what would you like to know about the 2 cars you’ve been looking at?” What a fab introduction.

As usual I wanted to discuss the difference between a couple models.

“Jump in and let me run through the differences” Then he stopped and apologised, saying “I’m so sorry I didn’t ask your name!” WOW he did something the other car showrooms didn’t!

Then he carried on the conversation by asking “what will you be using the car for?” Oh my goodness, he was getting to know me and finding out about my needs. This was exciting and a first in my car purchasing venture.

“Well, I’ll mainly be using it for work, I travel around the North West quite a lot, on and off the motorways so efficiency is important and I carry a lot of equipment with me some days.”

Ian then did something the other showrooms might have found insane. He talked through some alternative options. In fact, having listened to what I was looking for he showed me towards a near perfect model with ample boot space for my business needs and it could also accommodate all of my son’s hockey kit.

We talked specifications and I was given a brochure to take away with me. However that wasn’t before I was offered a test drive. What I liked is that I wasn’t just taken there and then. The cars I’d been looking at are executive level so I was booked in for a few days later.

Although many sales people may talk about closing the deal there and then for me leaving it a few days only served to build up the desire. The suspense practically sealed the deal for them. In the end their fantastic service alongside the beautiful cars I was presented with won.

In summary

So often purchases are not just the product, it’s the experience too. We’ve all stopped buying because of a particular person spoiling the experience. We think things like “I’m not giving them my money.” When it comes to your products are your staff representing your company like Ian did? I certainly hope so.

So many companies spend a fortune on getting potential and repeat customers into their showrooms, on the end of the phone and even on to websites. All this money is wasted if you have a team who treat customers shoddily. It may shock you to mystery shop your own establishment and see how your customers are treated.